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Privacy Notice

Information we collect?
You are ordered out, "and together we had competition or lottery, research, communication, e-mail, and other factors, the region, including.

Purchase or register, we ask for your name and e-mail address, postal address, telephone number and your credit card or other information. However, your name will be visiting our web site.

We collect information about the recipient, as we can not be satisfied, you have your work and gifts. Receiving gifts Buyer are collected on the market.

In addition, the web, and we said, "cookies" used by you to improve your experience and to use the information on our website and the information of visitors. "We used to see the use of cookies, see the reference.

How do we use this information?
When you register you, we need to support the Commission may be collected or purchased with your overseas marketing network products and other surveys, or contest information:

experience in production, content and products, so we are interested in, you can give.
To help us to better meet the demand for services, you can serve.
fast transaction processing.
succeeded in promoting competition, research, and other characteristics.
You want to pick up the newspaper and received sent by e-mail. If you have any Marco and e-mail, you can see the sun set, data, e-mail, and you chose not to receive e-mail, "You and waste, and delete or adapt information? You are" era. Such marketing, we are great "cultural" log in every other part of your available area to select the e-mail list mail communications.

Our guest information and protection?
We have taken measures of personal data protection and security. Only certain system information and to access your personal network security and limited access to personal data. When we provide the use of personal information and is used by the server security. As described above, on all sensitive and important information / technology transfer credit Sockets Layer security technology (SSL) encryption and offers the security and use just.

We are "cookies?" Using
Yes. Web host computer or a small hard disk drive (if you are) system to remember a web site or a web browser and identify parts to build them. For example, through cookies, we can identify and use cookies to save the structure. To provide better service, and they can be used to understand the past and the present basis. We also collect information using cookies to help in the future, and instrument experience in the preparation of site traffic, site navigation, the GDP can be improved.

We are prepared to understand your visitors to a third-party service providers. In addition to these services, use of business information and collection of our martyrs.

If you can send a warning, or you can disable all cookies on your computer a "cookie". (Like: as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer) settings make this drive for each other through your browser, the browser's Search menu to learn how you disable cookies resolve as cookies, and if you can not feel your site performance and service but access feature can order the service by phone.

We find and provide information to third parties?
we described you and the seller, professional or other, but to continue to provide the following, namely transmission of personal data. code from (the official name of the company), "off". Our site training and we agree to keep confidential help partners and other entities that are owned by bilateral or influence. To comply with our policies, we will be published by law or to protect property and safety of our rights by post, or "believes that now you can send.

However, online marketing, advertising, and other personal identification can not be made to other parties. What we do is delete, or modify?
E-mail can be ordered, please contact us on the "My Account" to change settings. Please note that the e-mail to industrial production plan for e-mail.

You can not delete my account online website directory and negative, shipping address, billing address, and pay to use our "My Account". Please note that we will solve account sales and maintenance services.

The third site
Efforts, we can increase the value of our website can be used to connect to a third party. separate and placed links to independent privacy policy. Therefore, their content and activities responsible for these users. By the way, and related equipment integrity to our satisfaction (not his work in connection).

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