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CollectPlus service
After you collect and store ready, you will receive a notification e-mail or SMS. This should allow the collection of e-mail, how can you gather from your collection and ID package containing your barcode.

Acceptable forms of determination (18+):

guarantee / credit / check debit card
Bank / Building Society Book
A valid passport
driver licensing

identification form (under the age of 18) the evidence:
National Insurance card,
Health card
savings book
If you want other people to collect funds for you, please keep in mind that they need evidence of your birth, or birth certificate, the same tribe.

restrictions serve CollectPlus
You generally in Northern Ireland, Wight to Scotland and the North Island, please note that the past should allow three days, and to five additional working days, and the Scottish Islands. We and the Channel Islands, please note that the use of human Island.

Additional information distribution
following parcel delivery time after leaving our warehouse. We can not deliver time guarantee; This is for reference only.

E-mail you DW Sports reported receiving orders. After your package sent to you by e-mail notification to your residence address.

Give us can help to delay delivery of this telephone number, contact address and your full delivery.

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